The chacarera

La Chacarera is a traditional folk dance and music style that originated in the rural regions of Argentina, mainly in the province of Santiago del Estero. It is characterized by its lively rhythm and energetic nature. The dance is performed in pairs, with the dancers facing each other and holding hands. The music is played on a guitar, violin, and bombo legüero, a type of drum.


The structure of the chacarera folk dance is simple and consists of two parts: the zamba and the chacarera. The zamba is a slow, romantic dance that is performed first. The chacarera is a faster dance that follows the zamba. The dance is accompanied by singing, and the lyrics often tell stories of love, nature, and the struggles of rural life.

The dance has evolved over time, and there are now many different styles of chacarera, including the chacarera doblechacarera trunca, and chacarera santiagueña.

Bombo legüero

The bombo legüero is a traditional Argentine drum

 It’s a membranophone instrument that’s popular in Argentine folklore. The name “bombo legüero” comes from the Spanish words “bombo,” which means drum, and “legüero,” which means “leagues”. 

 The name refers to the drum’s intense sound, which can be heard many leagues away, or about 5 km. 

The bombo legüero is traditionally made from a hollow tree trunk and covered with cured animal skins, such as goats, cows, or sheep. It’s played with a mallet striking the wooden rim or the drumhead. The sound of the bombo resembles that of a beating heart. 

The bombo legüero is originally from the province of Santiago del Estero. It derives from the old European military drums and uses a similar arrangement of hoops and leather thongs and loops to tighten the drumheads, which are usually double.

chacarera folk dance Roberto Pugliese blog
Chacarera Roberto Pugliese blog

Here are some videos and photos that the beauty of the chacarera: