Zamba de los ceibos by Roberto Pugliese

Roberto Pugliese composed Zamba de los Ceibos, a beautiful Argentine folk music piece that is part of a suite of 6 classical guitar works (still in progress) inspired by traditional Argentine folklore rhythms such as Zamba, Malambo, Milonga, Huella, Chacarera, and Chamamé.

Zamba de los Ceibos by Roberto Pugliese

History of Zamba

Zamba is a traditional Argentine dance that originated in the northwest region of the country. It is characterized by its slow and graceful movements and is often performed at festivals and celebrations. The dance has its roots in African rhythms and was brought to Argentina by slaves during the colonial period. Over time, it evolved into a unique form of expression that combines African and indigenous element.


History of Ceibo

Ceibo is the national flower of Argentina and is known for its bright red blooms. It is often used as a symbol of Argentine identity and patriotism. The tree is native to South America and grows in the subtropical regions of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

Sheet Music

You can purchase the sheet music for guitar on Roberto Pugliese’s website. You can also listen to an audio recording of the song on his YouTube channel.

Guitar Tabs

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Zamba de los ceibos by Roberto Pugliese score

Purchase Sheet Music

You can purchase the sheet music for Zamba de los Ceibos for guitar on Roberto Pugliese’s website.

Zamba de los ceibos purchase score link

Roberto Pugliese YouTube Channel

You can listen to more of Roberto Pugliese’s music on his YouTube channel.

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